About Us

Claire Scanlon is a Gallup Globally Certified Strength Consultant based in Galway Ireland


Claire_ProfileClaire Scanlon runs Canny Futures, a Strengths Based Development business that focuses on Performance Management, Engagement and accelerated Personal Development with individual clients and teams.

Claire has over 18 years experience in Financial Services, working for some of the biggest global companies including Citibank and AIG. Dropped into a Management role in Citibank at 25, she quickly understood the challenges of Management and running a team.  ‘ Too many people are in jobs that they are not suited to, or working in an environment that does not tap into their core talents and strengths. If we are working or living daily in an environment that does not drive our core passion and talents, then we become demotivated, withdrawn, lack direction and our goals seem impossible to reach. However if we are focused on using our strengths, know our value and what we contribute, then we act with more confidence, and achieve our goals. Our relationships flourish and our productivity increases significantly’.

Claire is passionate about the global problem of low engagement, which affects children in schools, colleges and the workplace. She regularly speaks at conferences and events on the Power of Strengths in achieving our goals. She believes strongly in the Power of strong leaders that aren’t afraid to look at their own weaknesses and challenges, leaders that nurture each person and tap into everyone’s talents . The success of a team depends on each individual contributions. She believes that understanding our Strengths and consciously using them and flexing them in our daily lives, helps us reach our full potential.

Claire’s Top 5 Strengths are: Developer| Futuristic| Positivity| Empathy| Maximiser