Testimonials from Clients

Darren Smyth: Group Head of Retail :Shannon Group PLC

The concept of strengths based development and its results merit serious consideration for any business. It is result focussed, logical, challenging and enjoyable. In our case morale, communication and the team dynamic improved markedly in a short space of time. It creates a pathway for your team to focus on delivering improved results by using individuals strengths to best effect and is delivered very professionally by Claire.

Sinead: Project Manager: Medtronic

I was connected with Claire after a change in role & very different working environment. Through Claire’s guidance, I undertook the Gallup StrengthsFinder and thrived. Claire helped me to understand and appreciate the fascinatingly accurate results and gave me the insight to best put my strengths to use. Claire’s constant enthusiasm, keen understanding, and awareness of a challenging professional environment ensured that I trusted in her, and the process, and recognised opportunities to put my work with Claire to good use. Claire shone a light on strengths I wasn’t aware existed and through her guidance helped me to understand how continuing to build on them can only lead to success. I am more conscious and more confident in my new role and continue to use all that Claire has taught me to further my development.

Angela: Regional Sales Director EMEA: Sojern
I undertook the Gallup Strengthsfinder tool earlier this year and Claire was my coach. What I most enjoyed in my sessions was how Claire helped me to interpret the information I had received from the survey and focus my mind on developing my ability both in the work environment and personal life. Her positive attitude kept me motivated to focus on the complementary strengths in my profile and her tenacity has enabled me to stick with the findings of the programme, assisting in their application, even when there were deviations to the original plan. I found Claire empathetic, a keen listener, with a true passion for helping and mentoring others to be the best they can be. She is not only personable but organized and professional. Canny Futures promises exactly that!

Albert : Head of Compliance Monitoring at New Ireland
Canny Futures Strengths Based Development Programme was a very Positive and helpful experience. I was better able to understand my preferences and abilities and to contextualise success in my career in lines with strengths. I have a reinforced awareness of focus areas to ensure I am better equipped to deal with day to day work challenges. It also helped me personally to better define and articulate my leadership style in a senior management role.

Kieran :Managing Director: Davy Stockbrokers
For anyone in career transition mode or otherwise, I would strongly recommend utilising Claire to go through the Gallup Strength Finder process. It provides a frighteningly accurate fingerprint of your innate personal strengths as you enter any selection process. The follow-up is invaluable in terms of promoting self-awareness and confidence in the hidden complementary strengths that you may actually have inbuilt for any given career. An awakening process!

Neil: Sales Operations Manager Lidl
I recently attended a CIPD event, where I had the pleasure of listening to Claire Scanlon give an inspirational talk on “Strengthening Team Performance to hit Organisational Goals” I’ve attended various events through my professional career most of which would focus on areas of development!! Claire’s talk was truly inspiring & gave me loads to think about how I manage my team on a day to day basis.Claire’s talk focused on people’s strengths. Claire got the audience engage immediately through a simply exercise “writing with your weak hand ” I use my strengths every day! Claire gave the audience some tips on how to improve organisational goals through people’s strengths, STAR/ The 3 F’s! Since the event I had the pleasure of meeting up with Claire and would strongly recommend any business or professional who wants to reach their goals by getting in touch with Claire!