What We Do

We are Canny Futures: Our Focus is your Business Development and People Development. 

The fundamentals of Business have not changed over time:

Business Develops and Grows through People.

People Develop and Grow through Coaching and Mentoring.

One is not more important than the other. Your people are the human glue that drives your business and service. Invest in your People, and watch your business Grow.

Forget about Bossing Your Team… invest in Coaching Your Team. Prepare Your People the best way you can to deal with all aspects of Your Business, and Lead them to High Performance.

Business Development  and Sales Strategies We Offer:

Pipeline and Lead Generation

Target Market: Understand Your Customer

Business SWOT Analysis and Tailored Business Development Plan

Sales Pitch, and Sales Strategy,  Confident Public Speaking, Powerpoint Presentations

Negotiating:How to Win over Your Audience, and make that Sale

Customer Service Excellence and Retention

Relationship Management

People Development Strategies:

Individual Performance Development: Lead with Your Strengths, Create Success

Team Performance Development; Hit Individual and Team Sales and Targets

How to Present the best version of Yourself to Prospective Employers and Clients

How to Lead a High Performing Team

How to be a Great Manager

Team Development and Leadership Programmes

Canny Futures provides Tailored Solutions across many businesses and Industries. Our area’s of specialty include:



Med Tech/Pharmaceutical



Entrepreneurial and Mentoring Programmes


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