What We Do

Canny Futures is an International Talent and Accelerated Performance Management business driving Team change, Success and Personal Development

Here’s a few snippets of information to start us off:

In a global research poll carried out by Gallup, only 13% of people going to work every day are engaged… that means 87% of us are just turning up, or worse causing total mayhem for our company and colleagues because we are so desperately unhappy!!.. scary yes.

Did you know that people who use their Strengths every day in their work or daily activities are 6 times more likely to be engaged and 3 times more likely to report having a better quality of life!

Here’s a few questions for you…Do you know what your core Talents and Strengths are? Do you know what you bring to the table? Can you articulate exactly who you are, what you offer and how you can lead others? Can you tell your colleagues and team mates exactly what to expect from you? And what you need from them for you to do your job and achieve your goals? Do you look forward to going to your place of work or study every day? Do you feel engaged, appreciated, see a developmental plan ahead of you? Do you wonder why your boss/ Manager just doesn’t seem to see what makes you tick and appreciate what you have to offer?

Or how about this…. Do you wonder why you don’t get on with certain people? Why you just don’t seem to click with that guy across the table at the weekly meeting? Or how about the project or team you are working on… ‘Why don’t they understand where I am coming from?’ These are questions and challenges that plague is every day… or usually at night when our minds start wandering and we can’t sleep, stressing with the day’s events playing over and over and over in our minds!!

So here’s a thought.. what if you could articulate exactly who you are, and what you bring to the table? What if you could say with complete confidence that you are happy in your work or current environment, and that you are fully engaged in your current everyday activity. What if you could 100% understand where your colleague or team mate is coming from, not just agree to disagree but actually completely respect and infact admire the differences that drove you mad previously?? What if you had a boss/Manager that knew exactly what makes you tick, who gave you projects and tasks that suited your strengths and you actually enjoyed carrying out these activities!

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Strengths Based Development from Canny Futures offers you solutions and road maps to all of these issues. Grounded in 50 years of research from the Gallup Foundation and supported by the Global research company here in Ireland,  Canny Futures has developed intensive Strengths Development Programmes that address these issues. Canny Futures offers individual clients and teams solutions in the following areas:

  • Engagement Issues
  • Retention and absenteeism
  • Performance Management: Increasing Productivity
  • Newly Formed Teams: Collaboration and communication issues
  • Student and Staff Engagement Issues : Schools and colleges
  • Sports/ Athletics Personal Development: Strengths Based Development for the Pitch
  • Individual High Performance Programmes


Canny Futures will:

1. Help our clients understand their talents and how to use them to produce results and reach their goals
2. Help clients overcome obstacles, weaknesses and vulnerabilities
3. Educate clients about how to use their strengths to transform their relationships
4. Help individuals understand their unique Strengths in the context of others
5. Provide Managers and Teams with techniques for using Strengths Based Development to address specific team related issues and challenges
6. Teach teams to discover , develop and use their unique talents for greater team engagement and productivity

Canny Futures offers a 3 step approach to Strengths Based Development:
1. Find Your Strengths; Identify your Strengths
2. Focus on Your Strengths: Learn to appreciate and value the potential power these Strengths can bring
3. Flex Your Strengths: Invest in your Strengths to reach potential goals and improve overall work life balance